This page is somewhere between a blog and a journal. I can’t quite call it a blog because I don’t publish regularly, and I haven’t provided a way for people to subscribe. On the other hand it is more than a journal because I think others could find the ideas useful, so I post things here rather than keeping them as private thoughts.

Basically, I use these posts to get my ideas down informally. I mostly write about programming and soil science. This medium is an easy place to store ideas, whether other people are reading or it’s just for my own reference.


Ode to GNU Make (2022-05-14)

Talking dirt with Dr. Frank Rossi and Carl Schimenti (2022-03-25)

Ideal infield moisture (2021-05-23)

Dynamic variable assignment in R (2020-11-17)

Useful keyboard shortcuts (2020-10-30)